vrijdag 5 oktober 2018

Art Class

De vierde week van de cursus van 12 weken, zit er bijna op. Dit blogje komt voort uit deze cursus.

I wanted to show quite literally the other side of me. The more edgy side of me.
It didn't work out as I had it in mind this time, but I just continued working and now I am more content.

It is about how angry I felt and sad about those four women, beauty-experts and influencers, who were killed in
Iraq these past few weeks.
My work is about those four colorful women who had a voice.
About young women who were so proud that 'if Tara could do it, so we can'. 'We don't have to leave the country'.
But now this.

These are the kind of things I work in my journal when I want to work my feelings in a quick way.
This time on Watercolor Paper 11.7x16.5 inch.
And I almost always write down part of a poem. This one is from Joost Zwagerman.
Materials used;
acrylic paint, markers, paper clipping from a magazine.

I love working this way, edgy, paint, collage and words.

ps; does anyone know the right expression of how I use 'edgy'?